Winter is coming - What is the best tile for your wood burning stove or fireplace?

Portadown Tiles & Bathrooms want to give you the best advice on tiles for your wood burning stove or fireplace for winter.

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Winter is coming!

The nights are getting longer and the temperature is getting lower as winter approaches. So Portadown Tiles & Bathrooms thought this was as good a time as any to give you some advice for the coming cold nights and frosty mornings - choosing tiles to surround your fireplace or wood burning stove.

How to choose the right tile?

We love the look of this gorgeous home (seen above). This is achieved by using Canyon Porcelain Cladding tiles behind the stove.

We would recommend the use of textured finished tiles and contemporary styles for the surrounding wall and hearth area for stoves while considering what tiles will work well with the design of your stove. So what tiles work with your stove? Some of our recommendations would be to contrast your style with modern and traditional styles such as - a sleek modern stove would work well with a traditional stone cladding tile, a great example of this would be Thin Stone Cladding Rustic Slate, whereas a traditional stove can look very appealing when used with sleek modern tiles such as our Thin Stone Cladding Cloud.

Some of our most popular tiles for wood burners that we definitely recommend you consider are;

What is suitable?

Surrounding wall tiles should be porcelain or natural stone as it’s worth remembering that any tile that is described by us as ‘wall-only’ use is likely to be ceramic and therefore isn’t ideal for use next to your stove.

Click on your chosen tile below to see what we would recommend for surrounding of your stove;

As for matching these tiles up with your home, the dark coloured surfaces, such as natural stone, can be accompanied well with warm colours. If you have a darker tile such as our Thin Stone Cladding or a mosaic effect tile similar to the one pictured below, that has a darker pattern, then warm colours such as orange will work well.

If you have any questions or are interested in tiles for your stoves or fireplaces, do not hesitate to get in touch, we are always active on our Facebook or if you would rather you can call us directly on 028 3833 0323.

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